Sew Baby Sew!


Sew. Well the actual stitching part hasn’t happened yet. But I am getting somewhere. Since it has been rainy and stressful I not only finished the book I was reading and I REALLY worked on costumes for Halloween.I bought my fabric a few weeks ago online to a few problems. 1 the wool I ordered was SUIT wool not wool for making a cape, so instead I went to the store and actually bought a black wool/polyester blend for only about $9/yard, I got less than recommended for my pattern, but I knew I didn’t want it way long on me, and too much wool becomes really heavy really fast. Especially on all the other layers I will be wearing.

black felt for cape

I also was not super fond of the color of linen I ordered, I wanted it to have a little more GREEN in it, so I bought a packet of forest green Dylon fabric dye to alter the color slightly, which I let my linen sit in for about an hour and got some great results.

dye job- use the sick for easy clean up and rubber mixer so as not to stain
LEFT: original color                            RIGHT: after dying

Other than that my white fabric for my chemise is perfect, white and a good sort of wrinkly, I’m excited about the results of that as well, but slightly concerned over if the sleeves will be long enough.

Gauzy white

I’m also using these patterns, with slight revisions (more on that later):



Ryan’s costume is SO simple. If you want to do a GREAT KILT for Halloween, buy 5 yards of fabric, look up a tutorial and GO. That’s it. Granted Ryan already has a shirt from when we did the Princess Bride and we ordered some simply boots he can wear with socks and voila.

NOTE ON WIDTH: I couldn’t find 60″ wide plaid material ANYWHERE unless I wanted to buy a kilt, the cheapest was $220. So I went to Joann, bought 44″ wide cotton flannel (like for shirts) and made sure to get something close to a traditional tartan (Stuart Hunting) , which as far as I trust should be just fine. NOTE ON YARDS: you may not need 5 yards, less may work just fine, it all depends on how much you want to spent and how big your kilt wearer is.



Hopefully I’ll look as awesome as this!


back to the basics


When I was 9 my dad was going to swap meets, gun shows, antique stores etc. Same as he does today, same as he always will. Yet at one of these events he found something that would change my life forever. At one of these little meets he found a Canon 1980 AE-1 35mm camera. The body was in pristine shape, and the basic lens was also functional, it even had a cap that alluded to the sponsorship of the 1980 Olympics by Canon. My dad bought this camera with its hideous rad and yellow strap, and sentimental lens cap; he took it home, he dusted it off, he bought a camera bag and presented me this for my 10th birthday.

I was ecstatic at this gift, and to this day I think it was the best present I ever got as a child. This meant I would no longer waste film and energy with my grandma’s ole and clunky point and shoot and that I too could have an SLR, just like my dad’s Pentax and take photos. Lots of photos.

Yet it was not just taking photos it was everything that came with the responsibility of owning and using an SLR. It meant that my first roll of film was ruined when I tried to wind it up because I didn’t understand the method of pushing one little black button on the bottom of the camera, shredding my work. It meant that I had to learn how to patiently adjust lighting, shutter speed, focus etc. It meant walking around outside and in my house with a piece of cardboard with a square cut out of it to see what framed well or not. It meant months of waiting to save up money to develop film. It meant being the weird kid in middle school always taking pictures on her SLR or a throw away. This was before smart phones, and the time when it was cool to be shutter happy. 

So why bring this up?

Well in Italy this summer another student at my school, a professional photographer that owns his own business and has since he was a teenager (now 24) was going back to basics. He was going to art school for photography to get an actual degree. Granted it seemed that he knew about 95% of what he was relearning, but he felt happy learning it all over again. 

So, here I am, back at Colorado State, 22 years old, meaning I have about 12 years of experience, I’ve shot two weddings, I have another on the way. I have a decent portfolio and I believe a lot of talent and experience but I am taking a bare-bones basic photography class, where I am relearning most of what I know or instinctively do when I am taking photos.

Yet, there is something thrilling about relearning these little things, or reminding yourself about all the little functions of a camera or the importance of aperture. As frustrated as I was in my first two weeks of a game of repetition all the sudden today I feel refreshed. It is not as if I am learning something new, or having a major life change as a result, I just feel excited again. 

Not only am I going to be shooting some neat things for the class, which is a minor challenge and mentally stimulating, something I need in a course, but I am getting to slowly sink into a pool of photography. I don’t have to explain to people, I can just do photos, I don’t have to be perfect for a client, I can just do photos and once again I am tasting what it was to be 10 years old taking photos of plastic dinosaurs. 

I can breath in the smell of equipment, and though the gelatin plastic sweetness of film is tucked in the back of my closet, there is so much with digital that I can be excited about. 

Which brings me to my point. Maybe we can all use to go back to basics. Maybe just baking sugar cookies until they’re perfect, or doodling, or sewing draw string bags. Because I am finding a thrill in relearning, in being more present, in going slowly. I am also learning to not look down on “the simple” because there is some chunk in there for us to gain something from. So experts and professionals, where did you start? What could you go back to to reclaim part of you?

~Rebecca Lee Robinson

I’m going to be BRAVE


Well beyond the emotional courage aspect…


I’m going to be MERIDA!


For Halloween and Ryan (the boyfriend) is going to be a man in a kilt.


I also just thought of putting GIFs in my posts… expect a lot more of these!

But anyway I plan on going full out! I plan on my hair being just as crazy as this!

 The only thing that will be missing is THIS


 See they don’t accept draft horses where I live.

 BACK to the costumes!

This is what Ryan hopes to dress up as:



This is what is actually going to happen:


Love you Ryan, I promise!


My costumes is going to be your basic Merida.


Blue dress, white chemise, big red hair, black boots. I even have a long bow! 


I’m going to be bad ass.




REAL photos to come tomorrow! 


~Rebecca Lee Robinson


Getting things in focus


So I have this thing where I do photos. I take them for weddings, engagements, maternity, and for fun such as wen I was travelling this summer. But being an artist of any type is usually expensive, time consuming, exhausting, and you get paid very little money, if anything at all.

 Therefore I am doing a few new things to bring in extra cash. Not only did I re-open my Etsy store, but I am working on updating it and getting new items into that store and two other ones. The easiest one has been on Pixie Set, where I can quickly add albums and then sell prints instantly that way. The other one which gives me more versatility is through Fine Art America where I can do a HUGE variety of prints, cards etc. They do all the dirty work of shipping and printing, and I get a check for what I have sold every month.

Those are a few new changes. I also updated prices, packages, and printing which can all be seen on my website. I’m also doing a wedding in a couple weeks in Kentucky, doing school projects for a class, and maybe even some other odd jobs here and there.

As always comment below! Or e-mail me with photo inquiries, jobs, and general questions.

Steam Punk Wedding


This happened a few weeks ago but with the start of school and what not I did not get to post anything, but better late than never.


A few weeks ago some friends from high school for married in Woodland Park, where we all went to high school together. Town of maybe 7,000 mountainous, pretty and a good chance to catch up with people.


They had the wedding at the local golf club, and with only minor problems the day was a success, the couple was happy and I got some great images for themselves and myself to enjoy.


Book-page flowers for centerpieces


The officiants


Grooms party


Such beautiful landscape


The groom


Happy couple!


Bridal Party


Bridal Party


Beautiful Bride


Happy Couple shot.