Brag baby!


I really appreciated this reading, especially as a woman, and as someone that doesn’t always feel like my work matters. The reality is that I have accomplished a lot, especially coming from the home and community I came from, and through all the things I have had to face. I may not have the most amazing skills, or all the internships I could have, but I have made a lot for myself. This goes well beyond just establishing a nice life or a roof over my head but also all the other things I have done in school and through work.

So, yeah maybe I might come off as a bragger, but I have worked really hard to do what I have been doing for the last four years. Sometimes kicking, crying and screaming along the way, but I did it. I did it! Which is a big deal! I took the time and through all of my fears, sleepless nights, anxiety and exhaustion have made it to where I am and have made some pretty cool stuff along the way. Therefore, I find no shame in letting people know that I can do things, that I can take on challenges, and that I always want a new experience. It may seem ridiculous, but a job interview is a great time to show off your prize skills, dreams, and accomplishments and do so without inhibition!

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