Blog on Colonial Latin American Clothing


Visit my Tumblr blog which takes a look at the clothing and fashion of Latin America from the pre-Columbian era to the colonial time period.

Teaching with Tumblr and StoryMapJS


A teacher and class I participated in. Utilizing online tools (tumblr) added a lot to my understanding of the Colonial Latin America class.

History Blogger

Another semester yielded another crop of impressive DH projects in my courses on the history of Colonial Latin America and the History of Mexico. Utilizing Tumblr for the first time in my Colonial Latin America course (HIST 410), students were given free rein to create a visual project centered on a topic of their choice pulled from within the chronological and geographic boundaries of the course. Selecting the top five Tumblrs from this course was EXTREMELY difficult as my students produced some amazing work product, but here are the top 5 projects:

Women of Colonial Latin America


A Cartographic Analysis of Colonial Latin America


Slavery: Conditions in Colonial Latin America


Racialized Depictions of Women & Children


The Chronicle of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala


For the first time in my History of Mexico course (HIST 412), my students used StoryMapJS to produce highly visual, geospatial historical narratives on a topic…

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