How to Travel Without a Fortune, Part I

It’s a common misconception that traveling is far too expensive for the average person.

Which it can be.

But it doesn’t have to be.

True Story Bro.

In total I have taken three trips to Europe, and have only spent a total of $12,000- which you may say “holy shit” that’s still a lot of money. Let it be known that’s 6 months worth of travel. In Europe. In some of the most expensive countries and cities in the world.

So here is how to do it.

1. Figure out where you want to go.

  • Depending on the location, your airfare will vary from around $300-2,000, once you know how much it takes to get there, then you can figure out how long you should stay and how much more you can afford.
  • If you’re going to Europe, consider flying to Iceland, Ireland, or England. Usually flights are cheaper and you can get a connecting flight to the rest of Europe from the airport you hit first. This usually can save you a few hundred dollars if not close to $1,000
  • Research time difference and ask around about jet lag. Many times it takes about a week to adjust to time difference, so keep this in mind. If lack or change in sleep doesn’t bother you much, then just decide how long you can/want to go.
    • I suggest at least a month in Europe, and a week or two if you are staying in the Americas.
  • Think of your bucket list and decide what you want to do the most. For me it was the British Isles, followed by France, Germany and Italy. I’ve done all of them at one time or another. Next up: Asia
  • Consider if you need a travel buddy.
    • In Europe I’ve never needed a travel buddy, but I have had some family travel with me. I’ve also had friends and family to check in. This makes the trip less lonely. But it also isn’t necessary, do some research on staying safe, cultural norms, and how to avoid trouble. Even email and/or try to talk to police officers in other countries to get an idea of how to behave. It made a big difference for me in Germany and Italy.
    • If you are going to Latin America: do your research, especially if you are female, on where to go or not. Ask a lot of questions. Most guidebooks offer tips for solo women travelers.
    • Asia, Africa etc.: Women alone can travel in Asia, but many cultures see solo women travelers in a negative light. If you can travel with at least one man, it helps a lot from what I understand. The good news is that much of Asia is still inexpensive to travel in, and you can save money even with two people.
  • Ask yourself what you want from a trip.
    • Parties?
    • History?
    • Art?
    • Food?
    • Culture?
    • All of the above?

2. What is a realistic amount to save?

  • Look and add up what you think you can afford.
    • If it’s less than $2000 try to go somewhere closer to home such as Latin America
      • some resorts are only about $1000/week
    • If you can raise $3000-6000
      • Consider that transatlantic adventure to Europe or Asia

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