How to Travel Without a Fortune, Part III

Read Part I and II

BREAK DOWN- 1 month travel- budgeting for Europe

$40- travel guides (or FREE with apps, but I always suggest books unless you know an area)

$1000-$2000 plane tickets, depending on how much you’re moving around and where you’re going

$500- extra travel- buses, trains, metro etc.

$500- entrance fees/travel passes

$200- souvenirs (more if you want jewelry/more expensive items)

$1000- sleeping arrangements ($30/night) (more if you hotel alone, less if you can split rooms/stay with friends)

$500- food and drink

$500- emergency/misc. (Bring an emergency credit card)


around $4200

The good news is that you can spend more or less  on what you personally like to do. I’ve done trips for $6000 for 2.5 months and only $3000 for a month. Also consider traveling in the off season to get better deals and save money. Keep in mind looking for large tours that can be very affordable ($900/9 days). Comment with questions.


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