Gifts from a grandma

Some of you may know, and some may not, my grandmother recently passed away.

My grandmother and I, about age 2. 1993

It is a deep and painful experience, not only because I lost someone close to me, but because I lost someone that helped raise me, shared my childhood home, was always one of my heroes and taught me many of the skills and values I hold dear to me.

My grandma was my light in many days of darkness. My grandma was a hug with a scraped knee. My grandma was a teacher when I sought knowledge. My grandma was a heart so pure that I don’t think they make them anymore.

She was a fighter and a giver. She was stoic, but felt deeply. She loved unconditionally but fought bravely. She was an amazing woman, in a long line of amazing women. She is the kind of person I hope to be more like.

She taught me so much in 24 years it is hard to compile them but for a start:

  1. To love all living things, and give them respect and compassion.
  2. To care and give to those less fortunate, and to realize you may never be too far from their shoes.
  3. Humility along with pride.
  4. To sew, paint and create to make your heart sing
  5. To sing, even when your voice cracks
  6. To sing, even when your voice feels broken
  7. To cry, but also pick yourself up and go onto the next journey
  8. A nap can make everything feel better
  9. To make your own clothes when you can’t find what you want
  10. To be your own self and never be afraid what others think
  11. To stay true to what you love
  12. To never turn your back on those that love you
  13. That life is hard, but equally beautiful
  14. That a garden is a magical place
  15. Music is what spirits would say if they could speak
  16. Dance to your heart’s content
  17. Don’t fear the every day
  18. Hold your head high
  19. Making someone a gift is one of the most beautiful things you can do
  20. All things can be reused
  21. Learn and listen to those that are older, they hold valuable wisdom
  22. Treasure what others do for you, be grateful
  23. Therapy doesn’t have to be talking, creating can be just as powerful
  24. Put good into the world
  25. Be sparing in what you use
  26. Respect those that existed before you
  27. Learn, learn, learn
  28. Challenge yourself
  29. Don’t be afraid to try new things
  30. Travel when you’re young, because you may never get the chance again
  31. Live your life with thankfulness and benevolence
  32. Little presents go a long way
  33. Appreciate and embrace art
  34. Draw, even if you’re terrible
  35. Love, Love, Love

35 thoughts for today. Thank you for reading.


Rebecca Lee Robinson

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