PISA, more than just a leaning tower

Study Abroad in Florence at SRISA

Everyone wants to see the leaning white tower, and it is an icon of not only a city, province or nation but of architects, scientists and Olive Garden coloring pages. Yet, there is so much more to Pisa than jumping off the train or bus, seeing the tower and then running back to your transport. So much more.Image

For a great day in Pisa try a few things. Go see the white tower, climb it if you must, and check out the outlying buildings, such as the Duomo and Baptistry, there is combined tickets for relatively reasonable prices if you want. Or you can just enjoy the splendor from the outside, which we did, and had a lovely time. Try out a local cafe if you have some time and money, for great food choices and very friendly staff. Near the river is a great chance to take two hours…

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