Being a Bookseller (As told by Merida from Brave)

Old Firehouse Books

We start out all bright eyed and bushy-tailed, hopeful to save the world from a lack of reading!


It all seems like fun and games, a world of endless possibilities and joy!


Then we start to realize it’s not all fun and games.


You realize there is a lot of work and practice that goes into becoming the excellent bookseller you were meant to be.


You realize no one reads signs, in a bookstore, because…READING? (So you go home and do this.)


You will think about food and eating way more than you thought possible (mostly because you are surrounded by delicious restaurants.)


You’ll also try to eat between customers…. and look like a goober.


Some days are less exciting than others. (Oh the culling!)


While other days are brimming with excitement!



Some days you can be a total dork and have way too much fun!


At times you might…

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