Married…and Other Adult Titles

I got married about two weeks ago.Holy buckets Batman, that seems like a weird thing to say. But it’s true! On October 21, 2017 I married the love of my life, aka BAE of almost seven years in a really pretty ceremony and reception at The Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado.

Stefan Rodriguez Photography
From Stefan Rodriguez Photography

Which is reason numero uno why I haven’t been active for so long, because weddings have this habit of completely taking over your life, especially the last two months before them.

Not only do you get the marvelous joy of all the planning, because I did it all myself, but you also get all the comments, and questions, and glueing and last minute sewing too.

It’s fun!

I don’t mean that totally sarcastically….

Overall the wedding was truly great, and we had a REALLY good time at our $10,000 day/party/event. But what was truly the best part, was that we were able to get to see and be surrounded by so many people that truly love us.

I promise to post more and now my husband and I will shortly return to podcasting as SJW and Apathy Man.

To come…. how to do a wedding + honeymoon for under $10,000 (total)

How to stay sane when planning a wedding

Why you should do the wedding YOUR way

Let your freak flag fly.

Write soon



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