Homemade Wedding Dress Part II

I ordered fabric for my dress before finalizing the design because I know how much the fabric choice would make the dress. I landed on a cotton and silk blend organza in ivory. Due to the softness and delicate nature of the fabric I decided to hand sew the entire dress to ensure that nothing was ripped or ruined via a machine. 
My under skirt was a simple cotton broadcloth that I died in a variety of bright autumn colors in an ombre color pallet with pink at the top, orange, red and purple on the bottom. It added the perfect brightness under the over-dress to make it pop a little more than just the white with a white under skirt (which would have been more historically accurate). 
I topped the dress, after many trials, with a black ribbon belt that wrapped around be about four or five times to add structure. 
My actual undergarments consisted of a long white tank top (cheapo target version) that I could wear my corset over (Jas Townsends Stays) which worked perfectly for the structure I needed. My socks were also from Jas. Townsends and were an off-white knee high. While my shoes were regency slippers from American Duchess (they no longer make them) all tied on with black ribbons and my garters (one blue and one new). 
Here are the results, with the amazing Jennifer Erikson of Fort Collins
and photos by the wonderful Stefan Rodriguez 

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