Dreaming of Adventure

If you are like me you are always dreaming of the next big adventure. Whether it’s a weekend away or a month-long trek, you are thinking about and dreaming about the fun you are going to have.

However, to get to the fun often requires some work including saving, research and planning. So while the dreaming is fun, it’s also important to know how to make it happen. Like with any goal, it takes a few steps to get to the result.

  1. Make a list of where you want to go
    • I have a running list of places in the world that I want to visit, I add new things, and take away others. This way it is an ongoing list of places I plan to see. I also arrange them by continents and regions so I know what I can check off together.
  2. Research how to get to places and how much it costs
    • It’s always important to know how much things cost before you commit to plans to go. For instance, while the Maldives is fantastic, most hotels are around $1,000 per night for where everyone wants to stay. For most, that’s just an unrealistic goal. So instead, maybe parts of Greece or Belize are more realistic.
  3. Ask yourself why you want to go.
    • Is it because it’s a popular place? Or you saw a Facebook video? Or do you, with your heart of hearts long to go there? If it’s the later, then keep researching and find a way to get there.
  4. Plan for what is realistic.
    • Be honest about what you can afford and what way you can travel. Meaning, maybe you have to hostel in Rome so that you can see the Sistine Chapel. Or maybe you fly on a cheap airline so you can hope Venice to London. Weigh and measure what means more while you travel, sometimes an annoying three hour flight is well worth saving $100 to spend on an amazing dinner or tour.
  5. Research until you feel like an expert
    • It sounds silly, but the more information you have on a place, the more likely you are to make better decisions for your pocket book and your time. Then you may also learn of better or equivalent options for your adventure.
  6. Talk to people that have been “there”
    • Ask your friends and family about their trip(s) to Rome or London, put out a statement on social media asking for tips and tricks. Sometimes you may even get connected to a local that someone knows for what I consider to always be the best way to see a place.

Happy Travels!

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