Adventure of the Week- Hometown Exploration

I recently went home to my “hometown” which is a bit of a complicated explanation, because only one town is not what I consider my hometown.

Let me explain…

I grew up here, which is just about the furthest away from somewhere as nowhere can get in Colorado.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 6.04.46 PM.png

and I went to high school here

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 6.06.07 PM.png

But technically we lived in the almost invisible town of Florissant, which has the population of about 110 people and half the distance away. click here

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 6.07.21 PM.png

Yet if we wanted to go do anything past 7:00 p.m. we had to go here.


So when I say hometown, I mean everything from Manitou Springs to my home and some places beyond.

My first job out of high school was in Manitou Springs. I met my future husband in Woodland Park. I lived my first 19 years of life in Florissant. There are a lot of memories, there are shenanigans, there are stories, all of it is good and bad and somewhere in between.

I have hard memories of friends that have passed away. I have happy memories of first kisses and falling in love. There are mixed bags of fights and friendships. Missed chances and messy feelings. All around, visiting is a weird experience.

Teller county is a gorgeous part of the world and if you plan a trip to the area, I highly recommend taking some time to take in the local beauty.

Pikes Peak is just a hop skip and jump off the main road shown in the maps. It is a large, dominating power at 14,115 feet, and one can drive all the way to the top, which feels like looking out on the world.

Nearby, and at the house I grew up in, there are boulders, smaller mountains, massive hills and hiking trails and other endless natural wonders. Here are a few shots of my journey.

Wedding photographs coming next week!

Happy Travels!

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