Mexico Adventures in Snorkeling

2017 moving into 2018 have been a time of trying new and exciting things I never thought I would be able to try. While snorkeling, scuba etc. all seem like normal vacation and travel things, things that most people in the United States have tried, I never have had the chance. Not until my late 20s did I really push the issue, and I made sure on my last trip to Mexico to take to the water, gear….on head.

The Sandos Caracol Eco Resort offers snorkeling in both salt and fresh water environments. I decided, as I had not snorkeled before, that fresh water (without waves) was the more logical choices. I started with their “Jade River Snorkel” which was through a small canal system that went through the resort, and offered a chance to view fish, mangrove root systems and to learn about the complex water systems that cover the Yucatan. While snorkeling one could feel water pockets where two systems were linked and mixing waters.

From the Jade River we moved into the main cenote at the resort, which offered a massive area to snorkel, interact with fish, and relax in cool water. Both experiences provided a glimpse into the waters and environment of Southern Mexico.

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it’s a great look

This was only a small part of the different activities the resort offers, many of which we simply ran out of time to try. Yet, it offered a great opportunity to stretch my arms and learn methods required for snorkeling.

We went snorkeling today (me for the first time) in a river and cenote at the resort, it was really magical and amazing to see a lush natural world under the water. I’m really in love with this place! #sandoscaracol #playadelcarmen #rivieramaya #mayapeninsula #yucatan

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The next day my bigger snorkeling trip took place, this time I was confronted with waves and a far more interesting and diverse plant (coral) and wildlife.

Today was a special last day to more of the wonders of this land. We started at #Tulum then snorkeled in the reef and finished swimming in a cave/cenote and walking through another beautiful #cenote. I am truly humbled by the #mayapeninsula and I hope to return soon. More photos to come. #snorkel #ocean #paradisebeach #mexico #yucatan #quintanaroo 🌴🦇🏝🐟🐠☀️

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The tour I took, through Ocean Tours Mexico, provided a fantastic sampling of what the Yucatan offers. We started with a tour of Tulum, then we hit the waves, and finished in a cenote and cave system nearby. All of these elements offered a great sampling of the biodiversity and fascinating history of the region.

The only disappointment was that there were no turtles in our ocean snorkeling, but we did have a blast seeing bats in the cenote, and some truly beautiful fish in the ocean.

These photos are from the talented photographer with Ocean Tours:

For my next adventure in Mexico, my hope is to see and snorkel with Whale Sharks!



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