Adventure of the Week – Cub Lake Loop

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my all time favorite things to do in Colorado. A particular favorite place is the hike to Cub Lake.

This month, I decided to challenge myself and do the entire 7-mile loop up to Cub Lake and back down the mountain by the Arkansas River, known as the “Pools”. It was a beautiful journey through the edge of Moraine Park, up a mountain side and down an exciting cliff face.

I got to use a GoPro for the first time to document the trip. I am not sure I am ready to invest in my own device but it has been fun experimenting. See my 3 hour journey condensed into 9 minutes below.

If you want to try this trail on your own be warned that this journey can take upwards of three hours to tackle (especially with my short legs) and that summer months bring the crowds, so start early for better animal sightings and less trail traffic.

Also note this trail starts at around 8,000 ft. above sea level and goes up to around 9,000 ft.; make sure you are prepared for this altitude and physical exertion.

Final note: bring extra water, and your best treaded hiking shoes as the trail has slick areas where thick treads come in handy.

If you can, the fall colors at Cub Lake are divine, here is my trip almost two years ago:




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