Accomplishments and Goals Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 talked about why we should only hold ourselves to our goals and not compare to everyone else. We have our own challenges and the confining pulls of privilege and prejudice. Therefore every accomplishment is an achievement to be proud of, a story to share, a part of ourselves to hold onto. All of us have different goals in life and what we do or do not do is not for anyone else to judge.

Here is my short list of goals for the next ten years:

  • Have a solid career
  • Make 100k a year as a family
  • Make 100k a year individually
  • Have a successful blog and brand
  • Travel to South America
  • Travel to Asia
  • Travel to Africa
  • Hike the Inca Trail (by 30)
  • Own a small but comfortable home
  • Pay off my student loans (this may be closer to 20 years)
  • Be a better cook
  • Travel to another country with both my husband and stepdaughter
  • Sew more of my clothes
  • Travel for my job
  • Visit six of seven continents (maybe all seven)
  • Visit more friends that live overseas
  • Snuggle pandas in China
  • Eat sushi in Japan
  • Get a traditional tattoo
  • See elephants in the wild
  • See penguins in the wild
  • Live in another state and/or country for more than 3 months
  • Swim with Whale Sharks
  • Be more fit
  • Be healthier

what are your goals?

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