Girl Scouts Celebrates the Sense of Adventure

If I have learned anything in three and a half seasons of Girl Scouts, it is that Girl Scouts embodies the sense of adventure that I feel every woman should crave. Which is extremely important for the development and future of girls from any and all backgrounds.

Most people know Girl Scouts for the wild cookie season of spring, where girls go door to door or stand outside attempting to sell several hundred boxes of Thin Mints and Samoas. What most people don’t realize is that the cookies are a gateway to much more than earning money, they’re keys to a world of opportunity. In cookie sales the girls make marketing plans, they create sales strategies, they pull on past experience to improve year over year, they learn about overhead and profit margins, they vote on choices and budgeting. Ultimately, the girls vote on how to use the money, where to donate Hometown Hero cookies (donated money/cookies) and what is a fair way to work on their goals.

Do you know WHAT the girls choose to do with their money?

Year after year, my girls, along with thousands of other troops and girls, choose to travel. Sometimes far, sometimes near. They figure out the coast and set goals to TRAVEL. They want adventures and new activities, they want to see new things and learn something. They seek adventure!

Girl Scouts has always been the type of organization to foster adventure and challenges for girls. Whether it was to learn outdoor skills and camping, or to learn vital household skills, Girl Scouts has moved millions of women from generation to generation into becoming the best they can be. Girl Scouts has turned girls that limited means into CEOs, Politicians, Thought Leaders, and much more. Girl Scouts has encouraged girls to expand their horizons, educate themselves, learn about their world, advocate for positive change, and so much more!

By these standard and these longterm goals girls are able to truly fulfill more of their full potential, and be all they can. The truth is that these young and amazing girls learn so much just by their own exploration and goal setting that they make themselves into the adventurous and successful women they become.

Celebrating the sense of adventure that Girl Scouts does is a goal and lifestyle we can all celebrate.

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