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 When packing for trips around the world, it’s easy to lose sight of what will make a trip comfortable versus fashionable, and practical versus pretty. As women there is endless expectations places on us to look a certain way, especially as we move through fashionable cities and regions of the world. Yet that is not to mention an expectation of conservatism in regards to dress for religious sites, and conservative areas. This makes packing for a trip a tedious balancing game of what to take, what to leave, and what is going to work best.

This new blog series will discuss the best clothes to pack for traveling abroad and what to do to plan ahead, shop around, and how to get great deals on important products!


To get us started I want to discuss jackets and coats as this can be one of the most vital pieces you take with you on a trip around the world.

(C) Eddie Bauer

For cold weather you need layers. For rain and snow you need waterproof. For hot climates you need protection from heat and sun. For your own sanity you need some damn pockets! Here are my picks for travel coats.

For warm climates, rain, general wear:

  • Travex Jacket (Raincoat) by Eddie Bauer
    • Travex gear feels revolutionary to me, as someone that remember the windbreakers of the nineties and how awful they felt. Anyway, Travex raincoats offers many of the great things needed to make a journey more comfortable.
    • The coat is waterproof making it perfect for summer, fall, and spring wear in Colorado and just about everywhere. The hood offers head protection for crummy days
    • The fabric breaths, but doesn’t let wind cut through. This makes it ideal for camping, hiking, and areas of high wind like Wyoming.
    • There are six pockets on this thing, making it easy to hold items you need for immediate use. This is a dream for photographers, fishers, campers etc. as you can easy access the little things with no need for a bag.
    • The fabric is comfortable but also stylish. Some of this comes down to jacket design, but it also is a nice fabric that allows the coat to match with many outfits and designs. This makes it a practical choice for layering.
    • Sun protection is vital even on cold days and the coat is built as UPF 50 making it extra beneficial for keeping everything covered and safe.
    • Adjustable features make it fit better, making it fit and look almost like a custom design it’s fantastic. One can also order it in a variety of sizes for needs and preferences. AND the jacket comes in a trench coat length for those wanting extra coverage or that are taller!

Winter Travel:

  • Wantdo Winter Jacket
    • This coat is almost a knock-off jacket from Patagonia and while Patagonia offers higher end versions of this jacket, but for the price and my needs this jacket is an ideal lower cost alternative for travels.
    • The coat is breathable, but also very warm, and water resistant making it a great versatile item for winter months or cold-weather travel.
    • Wind resistant, the coat offers a great barrier for cool winter months without snow and rain.
    • POCKETS make this jacket continuously better, allowing travelers to have additional room to carry immediately needed items.
    • It packs SMALL which makes it wonderful for international or long-term travel. It folds up into a fraction of the size you would expect because it’s down. Gone are the days of figuring out how to pack a bulky coat, here is technology and small coats!

Inside Comfort:

  • Cardigan(s)
    • Probably one of the most vital pieces of clothing to take, cardigans offer immediate comfort on planes, trains, offices, and churches. Not only does a cardigan protect one from the elements, or violent air conditioning it is a stylish option for many travels.


  • Pashmina/Scarf
    • For churches, or for fashion, having a scarf on your neck or in your bag is vital!
    • Scarves provide comfort on a cool night as a cover, a flight as a blanket, OR for church/mosque/temple visits so you can cover your shoulders or head out of respect.

While I am providing suggestions on what to wear for jackets, I think it’s important to shop around for your desires on a trip. Read reviews, go to physical stores and try things on, ask your friends and family about what they prefer for such and such a trip, and then make a final selection. Both my Atlas 2.0 and Wantdo were bought after months of shopping, price comparisons, and waiting for sales (for Eddie Bauer) AND it was worth the wait and research.

Happy Travels!

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