Disney Springs – Raglan Road

Perhaps one of the best surprises on my last trip to Orlando was finding the gem that is Raglan Road in Disney Springs. It started with finding out that they have Gluten-Free fish and chips (something I haven’t had since 2015 when I was in England) and it ended with knowing it was the perfect place to take my baby sister for her bachelorette party dinner.

Raglan Road is set up part Irish pub and part Irish dance show. What caught my eye is that it reminded me of my last visit to Dublin and a visit to the Celtic Nights dinner and dance show.

What is great about Raglan Road, and a little different, and a totally American fashion, is that the building is absolutely pristine, and the dancing matches that. Call it Disney magic, or an Americana fabrication, but the venue offers a level of escapism that is not always seen in a restaurant.

Orlando ultimately has a little bit of everything for everyone. One can escape into their favorite movies or cartoon and not worry about everything that exists on the outside world. Raglan Road offers its own version of Ireland encapsulated in a restaurant setting.

While I often am put off by “Irish” things or “Celtic” as they often have a tackiness to them, Raglan Road offered a happy blend of the things I love about folk culture in the British Isles.

The restaurant is well designed with touches of traditional architecture and creating a typical pub atmosphere. Even better, the restaurant is staffed by a fabulous group of people that make you feel welcomed and cared for the second you walk inside. Even when I called to adjust our reservation about three times, everyone was friendly and delighted to help. As a restaurant, the food was absolutely delicious, and my fish and chips were cooked to perfection, and the portion was massive, but reflective of a traditional chippy meal!

Raglan offers a great restaurant, but the main draw for people is the folk music, dance, singing, and overall fun that the restaurant is home to. Not only is the restaurant full of talented dancers, singers, and performers, they have taken the care to make the restaurant an immersive experience celebrating food and art!

My sister had a wonderful night, everyone gave her well wishes, we all enjoyed our food, and it was one of the best times out I have ever had. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by, and tap your foot to some great Irish tunes!

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