Let Community be our Guiding Light

Hey friends,

I hope you’re all staying safe and practicing all the CDC/WHO rules (social distancing, washing your hands, 6 feet of distance, staying home etc.) It’s for your safety and your community.

I know it’s hard to cancel trips and social gatherings. I know it’s boring to be at home. I know it’s scary if you have lost your income. I feel for you, my job and industry is limping too.

I know nothing is certain right now. I know we all feel grief, fear, anger, disappointment, and frustration. It’s ok. Be at peace with those feelings then come back to fight forward.

We know that we could be into something that takes months to calm down. We know this will be a bumpy ride. However, the rough spots in history have always been easier with community support.

What is most amazing in all of this is how communities are pulling together. Women in India and researching and aiding the government to avoid spread. A Colorado Bison farmer was able to move from restaurant sales to community sales because the community stepped up. In Fort Collins, the food bank and other groups are working on food drive through ya for children and age food pantries for others.

Community will help us get through this.

I may not have a lot to give right now. But I have extra time that I can sew masks. I may not have money to donate, but I can support organizations by donating supplies or sharing social media posts.

Maybe you can make a funny video, like this reporter did unintentionally. Or just call friends and family and check on them.

If you have an older neighbor, or an immune compromised neighbor, ask if you can grocery shop for them.

If you are home and needing a friend, consider adopting or fostering an animal in need. I know my cats mean more to me than I can ever express.

I know it’s hard, but there is solace in knowing the entire world is facing this crisis together and that we can all get through it together as well.

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