You’re Grounded – Now What?

A lot of us are facing cancelled adventures, flights, family visits. If you haven’t and you’re traveling anytime before August, you might be facing it really soon.

You are GROUNDED….so now what?

I personally will not get to attend a conference I was looking forward to for almost a year. It also meant time in Florida with some family, and fun times at the major theme parks. I am truly bummed I don’t get to have a real fish and chips at Raglan Road or a DOLE WHIP (which I forgot last time) or a Butter Beer.

However, I want to take this time to truly assess my values and needs. You should too. There is something about disappointment, anger, grief, and even fear that leaves us to think deeply about our values and wishes for the future.

I don’t think anyone will come out of this the same person they were when we were sent home, or when we worked our “essential” jobs, putting ourselves in danger. We won’t be the same as we mourn people that are lost, and we won’t be the same as we wait for the “all clear” to see new places again.

I have said for years that I would love to live out of a suitcase if I could. I look for any and all excuses to get out of the house. I am being forced, at this time, to stay home more than I ever have in my adult life, and it’s hard for me. Yet, there is something truly important about challenging myself to just be. My discomfort is in standing still, my growth is also there. Personal growth is in the DIScomfort zone.

In the last year I have had to stay put a lot. I have fought it every day, and every moment. Like a pushy toddler I am kicking and screaming to be let out of the door, and my parental unit keeps picking me up by my overalls and sitting me down.

I had surgery in June for my right hip, which meant six weeks of crutches and no hiking for four months. I had surgery on my left hip in December, and I was told I could start hiking LAST WEEK. With Covid-19 I am not supposed to leave my neighborhood. I am being told, by the medical community, that I have to stay home.

I will rage internally, but the logical part of me knows that I have to follow the rules. I have to stay home. I have to dream a little bit instead of do. I hate it, but I know that I will get through it. Strength will have to come from YouTube Pilates and endless knitting projects.

Many of you will also struggle with “being home”. My best advise if you are struggling with being home, and feeling antsy, listen to those feelings, but also work through them. There is something of value there. You don’t have to be perfect about working through it, just try.

In the meantime, throw on some 4k videos of beaches or beloved cities. Play with your pets. Read a good book. Watch a favorite movie. Enjoy a cup of tea. Drink a cup of wine, and enjoy the little things. The party will be back one day.

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