2010 Journal – Chapter 2

In April of 2010 I had only ever flowing somewhere one time before, Norfolk, Virginia, about a year before with my aunt and uncle. When I got ready for my trip to Europe I had barely been to a big city (Denver) and Colorado…..was and still is VERY white.

I remember, which I didn’t write, being completely taken aback by women in hijabs and burkas once I landed in Heathrow airport. I was dumbfounded at the amount of people wearing suits and heels. I was also amazed that people would wear cultural clothing to travel abroad. All of it was a marvelous and surprising and a leap into unknown norms that truly fascinated me.

April 8th, 2010 9:35am
Stuttgart, Germany (well the suburbs of)

Well it’s a bright beautiful morning here today, I actually heard birds singing and it felt special because they are German birds. Not boring American birds. It’s humid, which I really love, I don’t feel like a dried fish. The house that the Godwin-Butlers are living in is gorgeous! Fine rich woodwork everywhere around me! Plus their guest bedroom, or what they call the “tower room” literally feels like a tower and is the top point to the house. It’s very cozy and I already feel in my zone. However, wait until I venture into German speaking land and I’ll look like an absolute fool!

The flight over was fairly uneventful. From Denver to London, I watched “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” being I love Wes Anderson and it would place me in a happy mood. I then slept for what I was hoping would be the rest of the 9 hour flight but ended up being only 2 hours. I did get my own 2-seat row in the back which was rather quiet and calm, most the rows near me were empty or just lightly occupied. Flying over London, I spotted the Thames and then the Tower Bridge, which gets me VERY excited for the next leg of my journey.

Heathrow airport is a bit of a zoo, though well marked with plenty of shops and seats to keep one occupied. However I wasn’t a fan of the not listing the gate number for my flight until 1-hour before departure. I figure it’s a much more proficient means of planning, but, I couldn’t help but worry I would fall asleep (after only 2 hours of sleep in about 30 hours of awake) and then have a panicked tearful phone call to Carol that I’d be on a much later flight. However, with only about a 30 min. delay on my flight I arrived in Germany. I quick run through passport check and then I grabbed my sad little suitcase and I was off to meet the grinning and loving Fallon and Carol. I was so tired (3 hours sleep in about 36hours) I can’t say that I looked over joyed but it was such a relief to be on the ground. Then as I was “initiated” Carol bought me my first glass of wine, and we all three sat drinking, Carol a beer and Fallon a glass of wine. It was a nice moment of realizing I’m not in American any longer, and until June 2nd this is a completely different oyster.

Well a nice shower, I’m hoping I can figure out the faucet, is calling me so later everyone and I’ll write more hopefully tomorrow.

Peace and Love,

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