2010 Journal – Chapter 3

Stuttgart was the first European city that I ever visited, and it is a city that drips in the dreams one has of Europe. Prussian architecture with cobbles and luxury shops. People drank coffee outside of cafes and trains serviced the city and local area.

It was like falling into a real world theme park for me. Dropping face first into what some people dream of with theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios, for me it was like being swallowed into a dreamscape I wanted for so long. A beautiful blink of reality and glitz.

April 11th 2010
Stuttgart, Germany

Yesterday after blogging I went for a walk, played some card games and slept. It was peaceful and calm, nothing of an event. Today was the exciting day, a trip to downtown Stuttgart via some driving and train riding. I have forever learned, use the restroom about two times before leaving the house! I had a very painful time of finding somewhere to pee on a bladder full of 3 very large mugs of water and a very large mug of tea. It was the best way to learn that train stations don’t believe in restrooms and that the local Starbucks does, and looking about ready to die pleading in fractured German is a tad embarrassing!

Anyway, after that little adventure we were off to find lunch. I was with Mr. Steve Butler and his mother and Aunt for this day. We decided on a Turkish “Kebap and Pizza” where they enjoyed chicken pita’s and I had a very tasty veggie wrap with AMAZING and I mean AMAZING hunks of feta cheese. Oh and purple cabbage which was surprisingly very tasty in the whole shebang! Sitting out in the middle of the old walkway just taking in the people and language was very exciting and the pigeons did not cease to amuse us, waddling after pieces of bread and patiently waiting on window ledges.

We then walked through the produce and flower markets, all perched neatly at the base of beautiful statues and churches. The smells and colors were absolutely wonderful and the life just amazing.

Eventually we came to the flee market and ventured looking at all the vendors there, which was very fun. I got myself some antique postcards and my sister Sarah something for her collection of….well I won’t disclose because she’ll read this. 😛 It was all very fun, and I had a blast just listening and smelling and seeing this new world around me.

Soon the flee market closed and we went to get a very good hot chocolate at a cafe that had lovely, foamy and soft whipped cream topping with a small cookie to go with. finally we ended the day at an Italian restaurant on base that the Godwin’s are very good friends with the Italian owners and I had the BEST BEST BEST tiramisu of my life!

Well folks I am now awake way later than I should be just to report to you all at home….and tomorrow I head to Paris! So tah-tah for now and take care!

Peace and Love,

Random statue on buildingRandom statue on building

sidewalk chalk drawings.....SPECTACULAR!!!

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