2010 Journal – Chapter 17

North Berwick nonsense

May 11, 2010 at 2:54 PM

May 11, 2010
North Berwick, Scotland

The last two days have been filled with a bit more excitement than the some of the stay here in North Berwick. It has in fact been a great time to hang out with Stuart and have small adventures right in the back yard. Yesterday for instance I spent a good half an hour chasing the dog Alfie around the back yard, helping with the missing of my dog back home. I also have spent a lot of time with the cat, Catherine (she actually has a different name but this is what Stuart calls her for simplicity sake and he has forgotten her real name). It’s all a bit of nice therapy for missing my pets.

Yesterday we did go for a nice walk or almost hike to a public beach only about half a mile from here. It was quite beautiful to see how different the landscape can change from thick lust forest to all the sudden grand masses of sandy beach. Of course I was a very happy camper to be at the beach and knowing Colorado it’s a rare occasion for us mountain folk to get to venture into ocean territory. So when I am near the ocean I tend to simply want to get completely full off of it, the smell, sights feel and life of it! So I was like a small child running around with the dog and looking for seashells just taking it all cheerfully in. I was probably a bit of a bother and Stuart practically had to drag me off the beach to go back to the house to then go out for dinner but even the little two or so hours there was rather nice.

For dinner it was a bar/restaurant called Longniddry Inn in the town of Longniddry for more Cranberry and Brie and then I had a stir fry with prawn crackers for a main course oh and a lovely glass of Rose’ wine.

Today after another late start we went to the Scottish Seabird Center in North Berwick after I mailed two very expensive packages home to the states. I have got to stop buying things because this postage will be the end of me! Anyway, the seabird center was simply awesome! It had about 10 different screens projecting live time shots of various seabirds of the area including the puffin I was so very determined to find! Which made me way too excited for a silly bird but honestly making a fool of myself has become second nature in recent so I simply laugh and carry on. They also had a great short film narrated by Sir David Attenburgh on how puffins breed and live on the nearby cliffs. They also had some very neat fish tanks with local fish species. Of course you could see many different kind of seasonal bird and in the late winter there are baby seals so it was truly a one of a kind place. The best part though was the small observation deck with large telescopes allowing you to zoom in on the islands and observe the birds yourself. Which I did and saw the funny little puffins hanging out with their buddies doing what the adorable little birds do!

We then got cranberry and brie baguettes with salad and crisps oh and a very good local cider, which I failed to realize a whole bottle was about 3 servings and drank far too much far too fast. Oh well it was very delicious and local and I was by no means “Steamin’” I simply felt the effects. So a quick walk on the beach and then grocery pit stop for guess what? Brie and Cranberry sauce and goat cheese and then back to the house.

Tonight is sort of a sad one I leave tomorrow morning to Holyhead, Wales where I am staying for the night and catching the morning ferry to Don Loughaire, Ireland where I spend a night and then I believe it’s on to Cork for a few days, up to Londonderry and then to Dublin before going back to England.

Peace and Love,
Rebecca Robinson

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