2010 Journal – Chapter 19

Travel days and first thoughts on Ireland

May 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM

Travel days and first thoughts on Ireland
Friday May 14th, 2010
Cork, Ireland

As you all know Wednesday was a sort of hard day for having to leave Edinburgh and Stuart. I spent all day on the train switching three different times to at last make it in Holyhead, Wales where I stayed the night to catch the 10am ferry. I stayed it a very nice B&B called the Wavecrest owned by a very kind and helpful middle aged gentleman. I even lucked out to have an entire family room to myself for the single room price with en suite bathroom, TV and all the tea, coffee and sweets I could consume. I briefly stepped out for dinner at a rather fancy cafe where I had a very tasty stir fry, very much like that my mom makes, and a glass of rose’. I then retired to the hostel early where after a bit of watching friends I was sound asleep. The next morning I awoke and got everything organized to carry on with my trip. I then went downstairs paid for my room and had a massive and delicious vegetarian breakfast prepared for me. With beans, fried egg, veggie sausage, potato cake, tomatoes, muesli, orange juice and milk. I ate way too much for it was far too good and then was on my way to catch the ferry to Don Loughaire, Ireland.

The ferry was nice with convenient baggage check, shopping, seats, lounges, slot machines and other do dads for any and everyone’s enjoyment. I peacefully sat and watched the ocean and other ferries venture by, I was still a bit sad and tired so I simply wanted to get on with the trip. I will say my first glimpses of seeing Ireland were very exciting! Something I had hoped to see for years was finally in my face so I would have squealed a little had I not been alone and surrounded by strangers. Landing in Don Loughaire was a nice moment to just take a moment and say to myself “Self, you’re in Freakin’ Ireland my dear!” Yes indeed an exciting moment and then it was walking for half a mile to find my hostel, check in and check out the city. Which was filled with some nice shops where I indulged a little to buy some new shirts being a few of mine and more or less rags from all the wear and tear I’ve done to them. I also took in some of the extremely talented street performers; accordion player on one block, Bohdrain on the next, and a fancy string instrument trio on the next one to the east. All of which were very talented and spirited people with great personality making the little venture quite an enjoyable one and I am sure I had a giant smile on my face the whole time. After checking out the city I went back to my hostel, again luck enough to have a large room completely to myself! I showered and dressed up in a new outfit I bought and went out for an evening seaside stroll which was fun and peaceful until it began to rain and I had left my umbrella in the room. Though it was a short lived freezing and I was soon at “The Purty Kitchen” a pub barely three doors from my hostel. Now I was hoping that there would be live music but was a bit saddened when the lady working the bar told me they were at the time having issues finding live music. Alas it was all not a bust I had my first pint of Guinness! Oh and where else should one have their first pint but in Ireland and only about 20 minutes from the warehouse? It was a lot of fun for me and again I sunk into my people watching for about an hour and then noticing how tired I actually was went back to my room to bed.

This morning I was up by 7, got ready to go, had my complimentary “breakfast” which was simply cornflakes and then was off to catch an 8:30 train into Dublin. From there it was a short hop skip and jump over to the bus station where I bought my ticket to go to Cork in the South of Ireland. The bus ride was long, 4.5 hours but nice I slept some and took in the scenery. There was one moment barely out of Dublin where the hills with sheep were just the sort of scene of Ireland you Imagine! It sent shivers down my spine to just look and I think that’s the moment it truly hit me!

Well I am now here in Cork a very fun and hip seaside town with a lot of shopping areas and pubs. I went to the well known English Market for some grocery supplies and to simply see it. Of course it’s not really for the typical vegetarian or those weak of stomach but I found it a nice to just stroll along. Really the pig heads and cos stomachs barely fazed me as I just went along silently observing something that has almost died out, of a time in our not too distant past. I personally find that here in Europe it’s much better for people to comprehend where or what there food is rather than hide it. It makes you realize how things are done and made, and we’ve really lost that in the States I’m afraid. Yes it may be gross or what have you but it’s simply the truth, why is that a frightening concept? Anyway enough on that.

Well tonight I’m taking a small break before hitting up some places for some music, my second attempt so far, at least I know in Dublin’s Temple Bar I’ll be able to find some if this fails.

My hostel is Sheila’s at the top of a massive deathlike hill, well only when you’re carrying all your luggage up it. Really it’s a nice hostel though, clean, cheap, with kitchen, en suite bathroom, looks like I’ll have my own room again oh and excellent, helpful and friendly staff!

Oh and for you Mr. Watters I am having pasta with pesto. My new favorite food for on the run and tasty!

Well until I have more to report,
Rebecca Robinson The boat was named after me!The boat was named after me!The first pint of Guinnes at "The Purty Kitchen"The first pint of Guinnes at “The Purty Kitchen”

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