2010 Journal – Chapter 33

Greyfriar’s Bobby and Hailes Castle

June 14, 2010 at 4:30 AM

Monday June 14th, 2010
North Berwick, Scotland

I feel a bit of a failure at this blog thing from the last week and a half, but the truth is nothing much has happened. Let’s see small things I have to report include grave-rubbings on Friday. We went to one of the oldest cemeteries in the area and one of the most famous, Greyfriar’s Bobby, this is known well for a small little dog. The dog even has a statue for himself that tells the tale of him watching over his masters grave, who was a police officer, for many years in the late 1800’s. Of course it’s a sweet tale but I wanted to go for the old graves that date back to the early 1600’s. I also enjoy peaceful walks in cemeteries, it sounds macabre but I really do enjoy this tranquility and at this graveyard the beautiful and elaborate tombstones were well worth it.

We got a handful of rubbings and I took way too many photos but after around an hour we left due to the parking about to run out. This was then a quick drive by “St. Mary’s Cathedral” for some photos and admiration at the outside with it’s splendid Victorian Gothic architecture. Then it was time for dinner at a Mexican place called “Tex Mex II” which I must say the Scottish do a pretty good take on Mexican food. This was then hang out with Stuart’s mates for a bit followed by a Saturday of sleep and laziness.

Yesterday we went to the ruins of Hailes Castle, which was linked to the Stewart family towards the end of it’s existence and was originally built in the 13th century. There isn’t much left of the castle I’m afraid, so it was a free sight placed in the middle of no where. However the bits and pieces still in tact were the kitchens, dove keep, and part of the cathedral. The rest was mostly walls and random stair steps many of it was inaccessible unless you are Stuart and are the height of 6’4” but he kindly took photos of the room I missed.

After the castle I convinced Stuart to follow me me onto a back road to walk along the cow fields, to see a bit of forest and rolling green hills along with the old dry-stone walls that seem to attract me on an unhealthy level. He did find amusement in “feeding the cows” more grass, because standing in a field of grass was simply not acceptable. Anyway this was a pleasant way to kill half an hour and was followed by going back to the house to a very good meal prepared by Dr. R. Watters (Stuart made me make it all proper like). He made a very tasty potato and leek soup which is almost a staple food in this part of the world. Well from there I think it was some nonsense shows such as Family Guy and Scrubs and then bed.

Today it’s a doctor appointment for Stuart’s dislocated thumb, thanks to me but I’ll explain on a later date. Then it’s off to possibly another castle and some other shenanigans.

Peace and Love,
Rebecca Robinson Statue of the dog

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