2010 Journal – Chapter 34

Some more mini adventures

June 17, 2010 at 5:14 AM

Thursday June 17, 2010
North Berwick, Scotland
2 days

Let’s shuffle through the last few days to find some more stories of my adventures in the Lothians. Tuesday not much happened, Stuart was not feeling well so it sort of became a let’s only go out for necessity so get things. Thus we ended up going to Stuart’s dad’s dental office briefly to pick up something, then to “The Fort” to get art supplies for Stuart and finally back to the house for movies. Later on we went out to get some take out Indian food, which was mighty excellent!

Yesterday was a bit more eventful being we had a whole day planned but didn’t get much done due to my soar feet. We took the train into Edinburgh and had a whole list of things to do all afternoon and into the evening and end it with seeing some live traditional music. Well things went as planned for a while, we went to the National Gallery, then the People’s Museum and briefly through the Edinburgh Museum before I was simply hurting too much to go up Arthur’s seat then walk down and see Nelson’s Monument. Therefore it was decided to eat at a super yummy Turkish restaurant, the highlight being the amazing dessert I had of real Turkish coffee (made in small copper pot) and Turkish Delight! Stuart also had a heavenly slice of chocolate fudge cake which was heavenly to put it simply!

After our late lunch I decided that we were going to wander around for a little while then catch the 5:55 train back to North Berwick. This was fun, it always is in Edinburgh, the city is just amazing, but when you realize how tourist heavy it has in fact become since I was here in April there is a massive difference on how grating they can become. Though all of you reading this know how it goes especially in my area of Colorado where Pikes Peak seems to act as a magnet and pull in the worst mountain drivers around. Anyway, it was fun none the less but I think if I come to live in Edinburgh for school or whatever it may be I want to try and come around late fall to early Spring to really see the city with the locals as it should be seen.

After this was a train back to North Berwick then a stop to get gas and finally end up back at the house for a new episode of “The Office” which is ridiculously popular here! Then after calling my mom to say hello briefly I crashed into bed only to have woken about an hour ago, 11am. I really will hate coming home and having to have a “schedule” again.

I hope to post at least one more blog before I go home, and I also hope to post a few more as a wrap up on my grand adventure!

Peace and Love,

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