2010 Journal – Chapter 35

The final days

June 20, 2010 at 11:58 AM

Saturday June 19th, 2010
Airports (Edinburgh, Stansted, Heathrow)

I’m leaving for home today, the hard part of leaving Stuart came and went, I’m still a puddle because of it. I saw another girl crying over likely leaving someone, I really felt her pain and looking at her made me cry harder. I am now sitting, waiting for my flight, I’m tired after getting up at 4am, I only had 4 hours of sleep because of some last minute night time things we wanted to do.

Last time I wrote was on Thursday I believe, after that entry Stuart took me to see a beach called white sands where we stayed a while, well until I fell partway down a hill he wanted to sit on and I got my leg covered in poison ivy because I had to be wearing tights and a dress instead of jeans. Oh well I learned to avoid that at all costs my leg still burns a little. Anyway after the beach it was another lazy evening, Stuart had a dreadful migraine so there wasn’t much we wanted to do.

Yesterday was a little more eventful, well the evening, the morning was sleeping in and getting me organized to pack. I was really pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Watters gave me a small token to remember them by. It was simply a pair of pink socks with the Scottish flag on them along with a t-shit with a thistle, simple tokens but very very sweet of her. I was more than delighted by it.

Let’s see, after packing and being lazy we went over to Stuart’s grandparents house so I could print my boarding passes and save a hell of a lot of time at the airports. As you may remember me mentioning before I waited in line an hour and a half to get my boarding pass and….

Sunday June 20,2010
Florissant, Colorado

This looks a little odd but I wanted to keep what I wrote yesterday and I didn’t get to finish it due to all the pains of traveling. I also met up with Carol, Fallon and McKenna right after security at Heathrow so it was all talking and getting my last drink in public. YAY PIMM’S!

Anyway continuing with my story as I wrote above. After taking care of the boarding passes we went back to the house for a bite to eat and then headed up town for a last night in Edinburgh. We climbed up to see Nelson’s Monument on Calton hill for a great view on the city and for a change from the typical walking around The Royal Mile or New Town. The views were breathtaking and I was very happy with making the trek I hope that Stuart also enjoyed it. The great thing was being able to see all the city but then also being able to see landmarks by where Stuart lives and then Fife to the North. There was also the beautiful and massive Arthur’s seat which is simply remarkable and such a beautiful feature to the city. The monument it’s self is a bit unique, and the best way is to see a picture to explain it. It’s reminiscent of say a Grecian temple but yet has no roof and isn’t actually even set up to walk on or through but everyone climbs up it anyway. I wasn’t overly impressed by the monument but the views were well worth it and I must say it would make an impressive spot to do some epic photography. If only I had the DSLR and a lot of costumes!

After Calton Hill we walked back down and drove over to the old town for my last real pub visit “The Tass” the reason for this one was to hear some live music. The pub was calm, peaceful and candle lit reusing old wine bottles. After about 20 minutes of waiting and sipping away at a cider the music came on. It was actually the first time the whole trip that I got to sit in a pub and actually hear live music and I have to say it was probably the best way I could think of ending my trip. It was a little sad though, really hitting me that I had to leave Edinburgh and who knows when I’ll get to go back again. After leaving the pub we took the road way over part of Arthur’s Seat and then went back to North Berwick up to one of the seaside hills to see the Fife and Edinburgh from another direction. It was approaching 11 at this time and after a bit of a tearful conversation we headed back to Stuart’s and slept a petty 4 hours before having to leave to go to the airport. I had time to spare this time and so we had a tea before I HAD to leave and again it was a heartbreaking and hard good bye.

The traveling went well, not stressful running to the gate or problems at security the only complaint is how tired I actually am, I’m running on about 10 hours of sleep for almost 2 days but I’m slowly getting adjusted. I should be fine in a few days, well as far as jet lag, as far as emotions that’s another feat to tackle. I hope to write a sort of looking back in a day or two when I’m less tired and can think better so there should be at least one more blog on all of this. Thank you for reading.

Peace and Love,

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