Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Located in the San Luis Valley is a line of natural hot springs that run through the high altitude plateau. From Buena Vista into the San Luis valley a variety of locations offering Hot Spring experience. This is open to both people and some misplaced alligators, but that’s another story.

On this path of hot springs through the valley, there is this gem of a place I found called the Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa. This charming location offers a variety of accommodations and a truly distinct hot spring soaking pools offering a comfortable escape for travelers to the area.


Visitors have the option of camping (tent or RV) staying in a tipi (seasonal), a yurt, or one of the hotel rooms in the lodge. We opted for a yurt and were not disappointed in the cabin-like one we were booked into, as it provided a toasty stay on what ended up being a chilly night. While the property offers very nice traditionally styles yurts, we stayed in their one that was similar to a cabin on the edge of the property, fully enclosed and heated, which we definitely needed. Even in June, the Rocky Mountains can turn into an adventure in frost and cold feet.

All of the accommodations looked really comfortable, welcoming, clean, and a perfect stay. For those in yurts a shared women’s and men’s bathroom/shower was available. While in the current pandemic this could be concerning, but every time I used them NO ONE else was using them, making me feel exceptionally safe.


The pools that the property offers are some of the nicest I have seen in Colorado. Three pools offer varying temperatures, all of them are drained and cleaned daily, and they offer plenty of seating for a truly relaxing and reviving time. What I love most about natural hot springs is that the water’s high mineral content offers a luxurious way to soothe dry skin and relax weary muscles, it’s a personal favorite in spa and relaxation services.

As a guest you have certain morning and evening hours not open to the public. This is really nice at both times as it offered a tranquil way to enjoy sunrise and sunset, wild birds, and very few other people.


If you are worried about traveling and social distancing in the world of Covid-19, know that they are doing everything they can. Guests are required to wear masks until they go to the pools. Pool capacity is limited, and there is ample room to spread out and relax. Masks are also required in all buildings but your room, and dining has been moved outside for social distancing. We got extremely safe, and knew that all measures were taken. We appreciated EVERYTHING!


Food was nothing short of AMAZING. They offered a light dinner of vegan soups and salad and breakfast was an array of breads, frittata, coffee, breakfast meats etc. all of it was homemade and delicious! My stepdaughter, a totally carnivore even LOVED the vegan soup we had for dinner!

I hope you’ll consider this spot on your Colorado adventure, we can’t wait to return!

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