Hiking Tips and Tricks

Like many people, my travel plans for this year (and next) were put on hold. I didn’t get to go to Disney World for a conference in May, and I pushed back a trip to Peru for next October (2021). My hopes for an anniversary in Santa Fe will now be a 30th birthday in February, and my “Dirty 30” party isn’t happening because it’s not right to have large gatherings.

As a result I have been exploring Colorado as much as possible to not only save my sanity, but also to check off some bucket list locations. A lot of them involve natural wonders, and simply escapism from my small apartment and computer.

If you too are seeking outdoor recreation, here are some of my tips on planning to hike. I will also add to be careful out there, as a recent lesson has taught me to take more seriously.

Stay safe, and happy trails.

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