The Brown Palace – My Go To

The Brown Palace has always stood out to me as the epitome of elegance and fine hotels. As a child I grew up dreaming of staying the night there, of having high tea there, of having the disposable income and ability to enjoy such a stunning place. A part of me knew I would make it happen, determined to find success and have those precious and enjoyable days.  I am so glad that I have. 

Working in the travel industry you learn a lot about hotels, their features, their significance, what the stars mean etc. In ways the “man behind the curtain” is revealed, but in truth you see how many cogs contribute to the function of a hotel. In a hotel as large and grandiose and old as the Brown Palace, this is heightened with the amount of details that have to be arranged to create a magical and welcoming stay.

First and foremost the hotel makes everyone feel welcome. While I have visited other high-end hotels in the world and Denver, the Brown (as affectionately called by locals) has always gone above and beyond to greet everyone with a smile. Whether you are in designer clothes, or jeans and a t-shirt, everyone gets the care and white glove treatment. As the hotel is so iconic many tourists stumble in just wanting to look at the interior and restaurants. As cumbersome as this could be – the hotel still welcomes everyone with a smile.

When we stayed at the Brown in 2018 we opted for the standard King room and had a lovely stay in a space that was full of ample space. However, this time we decided to upgrade into a “Top of the Brown” room, which really functions as a mini-suite. If you feel like spending a little more money, for a lot of pay-off, this was perfect. The room was very spacious with a separate desk area (perfect for you mobile workers), a seating area, and massive bathtub (my husband’s request). The Art Deco design added a stunning element of charm and relaxation, a touch of romance and prestige, in a cozy and comfortable room.

For those wanting to “stop by” and dine or have afternoon tea, these are few places in Denver that are quite as iconic for such an endeavor. My husband and I stopped in the Ship’s Tavern, the iconic pub-like tavern with excellent steaks, for happy hour and had nothing short of a good time. For cigar fans, the Churchill is a smoky cigar bar offering escapism and history. Ellyngton’s is a ritzy dining experience known for their champagne buffet brunches. Then Palace Arms is a fine dining establishment well over and regarded in Denver. Finally, Afternoon Tea is arguably the icon of the Brown and an event unlike others in Colorado, dress up and delve into the scones! Most importantly, take time to enjoy the architectural charms, delectable treats, and fantastic employees that make it so very special.

Finally, if you stay the night – opt for some fabulous room service and a coffee from their cafe. You won’t regret the choice.

Happy Travels!

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