Growth is Messy

I got an amazing new job in March. It’s all I wanted out of my next career move, and more! I work with brilliant minds, kind souls, and creative peoples every day, making our unique business better with each step. It’s helping me find energy and joy in places I had lost it. It’s enabling me to grow in new ways – it’s also messy to make a change.

On top of my own career journey, my husband made a complete pivot in careers. It’s an amazing opportunity for him to grow into a career that better matches his personality and intelligence, and for upward mobility that he hasn’t had for a long time.

On paper life is moving exactly where it should be for two 30-somethings. In reality, we’re turning in homework with ketchup and cat nibbles in the corner.

It’s by no means a criticism of us, or the jobs, but a realization that growth – in all forms- requires a mess.

Your schedule will feel messy, your social skills will be awkward (especially after a year working from home), you won’t always know what day it is, or what you have and haven’t taken care of. It’s messy.

Using the allegory of planting, you have to play in the dirt to get pretty flowers. You have to pull weeds and remove slugs (ethically please). You have to ask professionals on the best way to plant a lilac bush or roses. You might kill a few things. All of it’s ok.

Because, at the end of the day, you are growing your mind, skills, aptitude, intelligence, and hopefully freedom. Moving to a better work home opens endless doors, it may just take time to find all of them, or remember which key goes with which one. A company that’s worthwhile will see your mess and what it can be – every step of the way. They’ll teach and encourage, and value your exclusive angle to each new situation. Sure, you spilled some paint, but they’ll see the long term masterpiece.

All around – change is really scary – but if you can move through it, it’s worth it. Every. Single. Day.

What are you creating and growing with?

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