Hilton Playa Del Carmen

Late summer of this year I was able to go to a conference in Playa Del Carmen, one of my favorite locations in North America. The accommodations were at the Hilton Playa del Carmen, an all-inclusive resort located in downtown Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Different than my honeymoon stay at Sandos Caracol, this location embraced its city location offering a euro-fusion styled resort with all the charm of Riviera Maya.

For this location all-inclusive meant all house beer, wine, and liquor – with an additional fee for top-shelf and unique liquors. Don’t miss out on a mezcal margarita – it will make your vacation!

Food and drink were also included, with some luxe items (ie: lobster) being a surcharge. Like most all-inclusives, there are various themed restaurants throughout the resort and all of them included options for gluten-free and vegetarian, with some having vegan selections.

Most notably this resort was on the beach, offering MANY cabanas for visitors to lounge on. Some required reservations, mostly in the pool area, but most were first-come, first-serve. As an Adults-Only resort, it meant that the beach was quiet and meant that there was plenty of room to enjoy the beachfront. Almost every room also had a view of the ocean, and most bottom floor rooms had room-accessible pools. Each room also had a balcony with a hammock and little seating area. All around offering a relaxing vacation option for visitors.

Rooms were absolutely amazing! I had a luxurious king bed, a jacuzzi tub, and plenty of room to work and relax. I adored the layout of the room and elements that really celebrated regional elements with a sleek and modern taste.

Probably my favorite element of the hotel was that it was extremely easy to walk from the resort to the center of Playa del Carmen, home to bars, restaurants, shopping, a mall, and much more for an enjoyable afternoon or night out. Offering the best of an all-inclusive and a hotel stay in an international city.

Covid-19 Restrictions:

Mexico has not ever fully shut down to visitors, and there are no restrictions to visiting the country. Each area is likely to have its own restrictions, depending on outbreak etc. Click here for the most up to date information.

Good practice would be to wear a mask in stores, at archeological sites, and walking around the hotel or resort you visit. Hilton Playa del Carmen did request that visitors wore masks if inside the main lobby, coffee shops, and until seated in restaurants. As in most places in the states, wearing a mask outside is not required. I highly recommend getting lightweight surgical masks, or cotton masks for the area due to the humidity and heat.

Keep in mind that you still have to have a negative covid test to return to the United States. Many hotels and resorts are offering this with a minimum night stay. You can also take some antigen tests with you and do them on your own with a tele-health session. I suggest the BiNax test that comes multiple in a box and is widely available in drugstores across the country.

Keep in mind that Covid restrictions change frequently, and it is best to check everything again on the days leading up to your trip.

Happy Travels!

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