Don’t Lose Your Camera in the Blue Lagoon

Visiting Iceland’s Premier Tourist Site

We all have travel missteps – because…travel….jetlag…general exhaustion…culture shock….beauty that distracts.

Best laid plans on October 3, 2021 were that a jetlagged and exhausted Rebecca would take her first day in Iceland to relax and revive a little. As I was traveling by campervan for my 9 days in Iceland, I knew being well-rested was important for my safety and enjoyment of the trip.

I figured a trip to a luxurious hot spring would provide a great start to any adventure. And no doubt, the eerie and elegant milky blue features of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon was no different.

Long recommended by friends and tourism training, I knew it was a must see and that, as a lover of hot water magically coming from the geothermal earth, I would greatly enjoy the experience. I was not disappointed.

While more spendy than most geothermal experiences, a basic package at around $60 an adult included one alcoholic drink, a mud mask, and unlimited time in the Blue Lagoon pools.

As most travel bloggers will attest, we do a lot for the gram, including bringing equipment to capture al that we can. So, I brought along my little 4K camera previously purchased for manatee snorkeling in Florida. It was perfect for another water adventure, another time exploring exciting new features. And for about 60 minutes it was great!

I got cute selfies and video of the entire place. All without the worry of getting my iPhone messy or broken. I felt happy with my work. I had some new content – so excited!

I began working my way back from one of the furthest points in the pool. A little buzzed from a strawberry champagne, skin smooth and happy from a mud mask. I was in a beautiful landscape that was all very foreign and lovely.

When the sun shines in Iceland – everything changes!

Then….my little tripod gave up its grasp on my tiny 4K camera and let it all drop to the bottom of the milky blue depths. While only about 4’ deep at most, the water was literally impossible to see through, dive into, find a damn thing in. I frantically felt around with my feet, nothing. I walked around some more, realized I was next to a grate that probably now owned my camera.

The optimist I am, I asked several employees to look for me. Let me know if anything got turned in. Sent an email a few days later. Nothing was ever found. OR someone found my camera full of my awkward selfies and videos.

Moral of the story – totally take your camera to the blue lagoon, just make sure the damn thing is secured!

For more information and to plan your visit to the Blue Lagoon (which you really do need to do) visit their website!

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