Quick Guide to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

WOW is all I can say about this location – WOW. One minute I was driving along Iceland’s South Coast and the next someone COMPLETELY floored me. This as this mighty natural wonder became visible from the highway. This quickly became my favorite spot on the South Coast, and while the pictures show you why, the experience is so much more!

Due to its roadside visibility and close proximity to Reykjavik, along with Skógafoss, this is an extremely popular location for visitors to Iceland. Even due to its popularity, it is 120% worth the visit, as it is one of the most stunning locations in Iceland.

Need to Know

This is one of the best kept and organized tourist sites in Iceland! REALLY. Meaning it’s a perfect stop to stretch your legs, but also enjoy a few things while there.

Location – As you are traveling east on Route 1 from Hella you can’t miss it on the north side of the road. It’s easy to pull off the highway and into the paid parking area.

Parking – Parking does incur a fee, approximately $7 per vehicle. Which is purchased with a credit card at a small digital kiosk. Since half a million people visit annually, this is crucial to maintain the area and not burden the community.

Services – Keep in mind that some locations in Iceland may not have 24 hour services, or even consistent services throughout the year. So, use them when you can! Seljalandsfoss has bathrooms, a small cafe, and a nice gift shop. All of which are very clean and the people are extremely nice and welcoming.

Accessibility – The entire route through the falls is not wheelchair accessible and may be hard for individuals with mobility restrictions. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t see the location from many different options without the trek. Even the parking lot and gift shop have a beautiful view!

Pro Tips:

  • Hike the falls and then grab a coffee to warm up before carrying on!
  • Wear Boots that are waterproof and have good traction, the trail is always wet and slippery, with different weather changing it to ice, snow, etc. If it is snowy and particularly icy, it is recommended you bring spikes/crampons.
  • Bundle up in a couple layers, the water is very cold and the spray on the trail is no different. Wear some waterproof layers if you have them.
  • Visit the Gift Shop! They have some of the most unique items I saw in Iceland! I kicked myself for the rest of the trip for not getting a particular sweater I liked.

Why You Should Go

Well, if the photos and above aren’t reason enough, then you may not be convinced. However, the waterfall has shown up in pop culture in the Amazing Race 6, a Justin Bieber Video, and a movie that starred Bjork!

My Experience

I visited the waterfall in early October 2021 on a #vanlife road trip. It was an absolute highlight of the trip, and whereas some locations are over hyped – this was definitely not one of them. In all truth, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! I highly recommend walking the entire track behind the falls, and if you have the time, there are a lot of other hidden gems on the area. However, keep in mind that many end up closed in October to June.

I loved every minute of the mini hike (maybe .5 miles) and taking at least 100 photos of the area. The gift shop was full of great little treasures, and the cafe had a great, and economical, cup of coffee to send me back on the road!

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Keep in mind that inevitably, others will be visiting the water with you. But you can avoid crowds by going in the earlier morning, a weekday, and traveling in the shoulder or off season.

I hope you’ll take the time to play at the falls and enjoy a truly marvelous natural wonder as you traverse the Icelandic landscape!

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