Glenwood Hot Springs

Relaxation and Revival

Glenwood Springs has been an icon of Colorado tourism for generations. The city was established as a resort town in the late 1880s when the city became connected by the railroad system. A big draw was the natural hot springs that fed the area, vapor caves, and fairy caves, all playing on desires for “medical cures” and health aids to treat a variety of late 19th century diseases. It also offered a unique variety of sites for visitors to experience something new.

Much like our 19th century ancestors, we seek things to aid us in relaxation and wellbeing. One of my personal favorites is in fact Hot Springs and mineral baths offering a chance to unwind and melt off the stress of modern life. Glenwood Springs has three hot springs options all offering a slightly different experience.

The Glenwood Springs Hot Springs is the historic property boasting the world’s largest hot springs pool. This property is located in the heart of town and the main building is worth a gander due to its historic design and red stone. This is the perfect destination for families seeking a large area to play, and adults wanting the best of pool play and relaxation. They also offer spa services, a lodge and other great features.

Glenwood Hot Springs – Glenwood Springs, CO

If you want a truly distinct experience, the Yampa Spa and Vapor Caves offer an exclusive delve into nature’s wonders. Once used by the Ute for healing and rituals, the spa now serves locals and tourists. Since the 1890s, the adult-minded experience allows visitors to relax in vapor caves and be surrounded by natural minerals. The caves act as natural saunas providing a distinct experience.

Finally, my personal choice is the Iron Mountain Hot Springs. While this is the newest of the properties, it offers the perfect pool-time relaxation spot. The property offer 16 pools at various temperatures to allow for the perfect soak. Enjoy great sweeping views of the Colorado River and rolling hills, listen to peaceful music and birds sing, and just calmly enjoy the peace that is geothermal springs. I loved being able to select different temperates in the pools, some even had pebble bottoms. Mindful details like tree-shaped hooks, and a large changing room made it a truly worthwhile experience.

Regardless of what you choose, just take time to enjoy the little bit of magic that is geothermal waters.

Happy Travels!

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