Merida Costume


I finished my Merida costume and thanks to some great friends I actually got photos of myself in it.



Got my boyfriend in on the action as well.



Some issues with the back, since I had to tie it myself, (the men in my life don’t get corset strings)


I’m going to be BRAVE


Well beyond the emotional courage aspect…


I’m going to be MERIDA!


For Halloween and Ryan (the boyfriend) is going to be a man in a kilt.


I also just thought of putting GIFs in my posts… expect a lot more of these!

But anyway I plan on going full out! I plan on my hair being just as crazy as this!

 The only thing that will be missing is THIS


 See they don’t accept draft horses where I live.

 BACK to the costumes!

This is what Ryan hopes to dress up as:



This is what is actually going to happen:


Love you Ryan, I promise!


My costumes is going to be your basic Merida.


Blue dress, white chemise, big red hair, black boots. I even have a long bow! 


I’m going to be bad ass.




REAL photos to come tomorrow! 


~Rebecca Lee Robinson