Gluten Free Gem of Dublin

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note: this bakery closed in 2017

A little over a year ago I reported that in Dublin, Ireland a small group of celiacs would be opening a bakery to serve the Dublin community with gluten free, homemade goods. It was my dream from hearing about them on to visit! And I did!

2015-02-02 08.10.11

In February I took some extra time before going back stateside to get some gluten free treats from Antoinette’s Bakery in Dublin. Oh boy were they amazing! Which has left me feeling there is a void in my life because Antoinette’s is nowhere near Colorado.

Some may have VooDoo Donuts in Portland and Denver, well I have Antoinette’s in Dublin, a treat that is only attainable when I’m passing through. A place that is iconic, delicious, welcoming, full of Irish charm and friendliness and  a total gem of a place for celiacs and non.

2015-02-02 08.10.04

I went not only one afternoon, but the next morning as well for their cinnamon donuts, brownies and other miscellaneous goodies. Not only was the food good, but their array of coffees and lattes were warming in the rainy Dublin February, and the atmosphere of the bakery to die for. Based on a Maria Antoinette, meets punk “Let them eat cake” mash that I wish my own kitchen could compare to.

So if you are in Dublin, or Ireland, or needing an excuse to go there, this is it. You Won’t be disappointed, and make sure to pick up a souvenir or two to remind you to plan a next time.

Kentucky Wedding


This is belated and I apologize to those waiting to see new photos, but I am in school and it just got away from me.

In September I shot a wedding for a high school friend and her husband in Berea, Kentucky at the gorgeous Boone Tavern. The town itself is an accomplishment in progress as it is home to one of the first interracial universities in the world and the first in the Southern United States built in 1855, five years before the civil war began. Beyond that the University charges NO tuition and instead works with largely low income students from Appalachia where they work on campus and in the community to pay for their costs of attendance.

Boone Tavern was built as a tavern for visitors in 1909 and holds gorgeous rooms and hosts wonderful small weddings for an affordable rate. It was truly wonderful to get to shoot at the location and stay the night there due to its beauty, history, and character. Not to mention Southern hospitality is a real and truly wonderful thing.

Back to the reason I was there. The wedding was wonderful, sweet, loving and a hoot and a half. Not only did I get to take photos of a loving, fun and charming couple but I also got to spend time with a dear friend and her new family. Along with her daughter who I hadn’t seen since she was a baby, and her two step-daughters.

Bride Amanda getting ready
Mom and Bridesmaid Nikki help with getting the dress on.
Tardis groom’s cake anyone?
Wedding Cake
The kiss! Bride Amanda, Groom Luke

Family Pose
Wedding Party
Pose outside the tavern

The Bride and her sister’s
gorgeous rings
The BEAUTIFUL shoes!