Planning for Magic at Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the competitive edge to Disney’s theme park empire. While the Universal Studios experience has existed since 1961, the theme park magic that we know today is a more recent concoction. While some attractions existed at their Hollywood Studio in the 1960s and 1970s, the theme park lands really expanded in the 1990s with the opening of Universal Orlando in Florida. Over the last 50+ years Universal has brought its own version of movie magic to kids young and old, offering imaginative and exciting adventures.

For Harry Potter fans, the theme park is a must see to feel fully immersed in the books and movies that shaped an entire generation, and continues to shape others. While Harry Potter gets much of the publicity for Universal Studios, there is a lot more to explore at the Orlando and Hollywood Locations.

To make the most of all the excitement, activities, themes, lands, and rides, this series explores my tips on planning to visit Universal Studios.

Much like Disney, it is best to plan ahead and not just “show up” the day you want to visit. While it is easier to “show up” at Universal Studios, it will not make for as smooth of a day of fun, but it is possible. We “showed up” in 2015 and had an amazing day. In retrospect, we could have incorporated things better if we had planned our day out better. This goes for rides, shows, events, dining, and other details that planning ahead will allow you to make the most of your day or days.

It’s hard to always know what is worthwhile, what to skip and what you HAVE to do when you plan a trip to these mega theme parks. My best advice is to customize your day based on what you and yours want the most, and then making a plan that meets everyone’s needs. All around, you should have a great time, with a lot of fun, and minimal headaches.

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