2010 Journal – Chapter 32

Another day in the Beautiful City

June 10, 2010 at 4:12 PM

Thursday June 10th, 2010
North Berwick, Scotland

Today was another pleasant day with a bit more excitement than some of the ones as of recent. The day started with watching the cult classic comedy of “Office Space” then it was time to head into Edinburgh. We opted for the train because it’s quicker and as I’ve noticed and really like is that everyone is really responsible about not having a thing to drink around the time of driving at all so by leaving the car at the station Stuart was free to have one drink and wait about 3-4 hours before driving home. Anyway a quick train ride into the city center then off to find an “Eerie Pub” by the name of “The Jekyll and Hyde”. This was probably the funnest pub I have been in, the motif was great! It’s a little bit goth a bit Victorian and a lot of character. From Gothic arched doorways to a “book case” wall with hidden doors for the toilets! Fun other features included large shadow boxes filled with bugs and bones along with copper coils and sort of scientific instruments. The seats and tables were even decked out in an old world feel with dark old and beat up benches, table and everything else with leather cushions and fancy metal pieces holding it all together. The menu was probably the coolest ever! Made to look like a picture of Dracula, very much like Bela Lugosi which I really appreciated, wrapped around himself in a cape! Then the cocktail menu was all the seven deadly sins and each one somewhat reflecting the particular sin it was representing.

After our bit in the pub we went to walk around “new town” mostly to fill the void of me not exploring it on my other city ventures. We then went to see “The Fountain” which is also tattooed on Stuart’s arm, this is a BEAUTIFUL fountain made of a gold metal like substance situated in a park right at the base of the castle. So every view is just magnificent while standing by this just brilliantly placed and designed fountain. After the fountain we climbed up the side of the volcano to try and get to the “Old Town” there were paths of course but ultimately it was a lot of back and forth due to re-routing while the castle gets ready for it’s Tatu.

Anyway after a quick mission for McNaughton plaid ties for a couple people back home we headed back to North Berwick on the train after a quick coffee and a “flapjack”. Now for those at home this sounds odd unless you know what a flapjack is over here! When we hear flapjack at home we think of it as another word for pancake, here it’s a mix between an oatmeal cookie and a granola bar though usually sweeter. So because I’m supposed to behave on my slight gluten allergy I have become a big fan for most don’t have wheat flour in them.

Anyway as a nice end to the day we went on a walk on the beach, though it was freezing and were asked to take the dog with us. This turned into more struggle than it was worth, first off he ran into another couple waling with their dogs. He then started chasing bugs and eventually we had to fight with him to give up running around with a dead seagull. All I can say is typical dog but we love him anyway and it made him exceedingly happy!

Well I believe it’s a good night from Scotland to you all my feet hurt and my bed is calling.

Peace and Love,
Rebecca coolest menu ever at the jekyll and hyde!coolest menu ever at the jekyll and hyde!Train station which you don't notice until you've been there a while freakin' gorgeous!Train station which you don’t notice until you’ve been there a while freakin’ gorgeous!

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